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[Business simulation] food stall 3 iPad version: Stand O'Food ® 3 HD Full

iPhone App Description

Only the free version of the iPad, iPhone version does not limit free, as the third generation of this work, the first generation iPhone version works have been oh-free limit
Hamburg's most popular game was finally ushered in the sale of the much anticipated sequel! Carrying the potential success at home, chef Ronnie hamburger fast-food chain will expand to Tinsel Town, where he met Nikki and Clarence, and will disrupt the evil Mr. Torg's revenge. In Tinsel Town, he opened 25 restaurants in town and personally managed, with a healthy fast food service customers. As an exciting fast-paced time management / puzzle game, challenging hamburger fast food restaurants (STAND O'FOOD) will allow you to enjoy it!
● 5种backgrounds, 75 levels, 12 bonus levels
● 25 cafes throughout the city, each has a full menu
● Add the fried potatoes, ice cream, coffee and soda water!
● use of more than 18 kinds of special sauce, the master of all 90 kinds of cooking methods
● unlock more than 33 kinds of success, to get the "expert" status
● support multitasking iOS 4.2
● Support Game Center.

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