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Apple is the flash chip and specialist Anobit

In the past few weeks has been discussed several times that the company from Cupertino Anobit the Israeli Flash developers would take into consideration for a takeover. Apparently, the takeover already carried out, and Apple has bought the Israeli-chip specialists for 500 million U.S. dollars. With this acquisition, Apple wants to secure important resources for the future. Because, among other manufacturers developed the acquired flash-based storage media (SSDs) that are already in memory as iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air uses.

The company Anobit but strikes do not own storage media, but operates only intensive development of improved flash-based solutions to MSP. Using this technique, the speed, durability and performance of flash-based systems while increasing costs. In addition, a separate flash controllers for smart phones and computers has been developed that will improve the performance of devices with a Solid State Disk.

Besides the acquisition of the Israeli Anobit reported daily Calcalis t yet that Apple would also open the first research and development department outside the United States. An official statement of the two parties, however, is missing yet.

However, should the Anobit leaders, according to 9to5Mac have informed their employees already the message via e-mail. In addition, also has the Israeli Prime Minister congratulates the company from Cupertino to take over:


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