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iPhone OS 5.0 Center notifications: Apple removes App Store Quickpick

Qickpick , an application for iPhone that allowed to customize the notification center of the iPhone OS 5.0 has been removed by Apple from the App Store , the Cupertino company has confirmed that the notification center is an area "off limits" for all developers who want to modify or create new widgets.
In a statement sent directly to developers Apple does know that the applications that modify or alter in some way the notification center of IOS 5.0 are automatically rejected and removed from the App Store , the old iPhone OS 5.0 at the time of notifications can be customized or modified only Apple and all developers should stay away.
Apple in the coming days will remove all applications from the App Store as Quickpick in some way alter or modify the notification center.
In short, a hard line dictated and determined by Apple to feature iPhone OS and more appreciated by all users.


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