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Apple iPhone users can download older iOS new application

Dec. 21 morning news, still using OS 3.1.3 operating system, iPhone users said they tried to Apple's App Store App Store to download the new application difficulties.
Users of the system than OS 3.1.3 Apple support in the community that they can update existing applications, but also can come from the iTunes applications sync to the phone, but can not directly install new applications. One user said: "whenever I visit the App Store to download an application, all the buttons are not functioning properly. 1) Click on price can not download the application; 2) score button no response; 3) Click on 'to a friend recommended 'and' access to this application 'button, the screen will return to the top of the application window; 4) often can not show pictures. "
  December 15 users from around the discovery of this issue, yet to be resolved. Affected by this issue mainly using OS 3.1.3 system, the iPhone and iPod Touch users, in some cases using an earlier version of the system's users are also affected. However, at least one iPhone 4 S users reported that they had endured the same problem. CNET Senior Editor Brigitte Carly (Bridget Carey), said her iPhone 4S also encountered this problem, saying it had a backup phone, and then restore the system, then download the application to function properly.
  But for those who use earlier versions of mobile phone users, to restore the system does not necessarily solve the problem. Two users at the forum said they have cell phone to the factory settings, but still unable to download new applications. Multiple users confirmed that they had downloaded the application in the App Store is currently displayed is the price, rather than "install" button, which will promote its latest version of the blame of the App Store with OS 3.1.3 compatibility between .
  Leading technology news site Engadget (Engadget) has also been tested on a cell phone and confirmed the existence of this problem.
  Apple has made ​​contact with some of the forum users said customer service representative suggested that they upgrade the operating system. But for those older versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch users, they can only use OS 3.1.3 system, because iOS 4 and iOS 5 system supports only newer versions of the phone. While a user that Apple customer service representatives to make a reply, he did not "receive any news that OS 3.1.3 there is a problem, it is not in the landing by the news that App Store users have problems."
  Apple have a customer service representative said the company is investigating the matter, will provide relevant information to users as soon as possible.


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