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Facebook will pass with the iPhone 5 conference to push iPad application

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. technology blog Mashable reported on Monday that social networking site Facebook will be held on October 4, Apple iPhone 5 phone conference, officially launched the highly anticipated iPad-specific applications. In addition to Facebook version of the iPad application, it is anticipated Facebook also will release a revised version of the iPhone application, and may launch a mobile application market based on HTML5. Earlier this year, the outside world have reported that Facebook will be launched iPad-specific applications. In fact, the application development work which has already been completed, but Facebook is not released. Jeff Waugh technical staff before Facebook Cowen (Jeff Verkoeyen) released on Monday's blog, he left Google to join Facebook Part of the reason is that Facebook version of the iPad application as early as May of this year already developed, but Facebook has been which the application is not released. According to sources, Facebook has yet to release the reasons for iPad application, and release time, and with the strained relationship between Apple related. In the past two years, which, Facebook and Apple on many issues, a dispute is no longer a secret. For example, Facebook Connect and Apple canceled the Ping music social network links, because Apple did not inform the Ping will take up Facebook's bandwidth. There had been rumors, Facebook should have been integrated into Apple's mobile operating system iOS them, but the inability to agree on the details of cooperation, Apple chose to micro-blog Twitter into the latest generation of operating system iOS 5 of them. With this defeat, but the common idea of Google, Apple and Facebook, the relationship between the two technology giants are gradually becoming hot. This is the result of the two companies need each other, because Apple no social platform, and Facebook does not move the platform. Apple and Facebook the two companies marks the culmination of the relationship, it is Facebook will be in Apple's iPhone launch iPad 5 dedicated conference phone applications. The source also said, Facebook will also be published in this event a revised version of the iPhone application. Previously reported, Facebook has secretly developed a "Spartan Project" (Project Spartan) mobile platform, service plans, a move aimed at a whole new way to Apple iOS mobile services platform and initiated a strong correlation challenges. "Spartan Project" HTML5 standards-based technology, the target user base for mobile phone users. However, the latest news is that Apple in fact in the project to give some help of Facebook, and Facebook, this project is expected to iPhone 5 phone conference officially launched. As of now, Apple and Facebook in this report are not to utter.


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