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First customers to receive replacement iPod nano 6G

It's for sure! Apple will replace the recalled first generation iPod nano for iPod nano sixth generation. The first customers have already ingested the sixth generation nano.

This writes MacRumors . Yesterday we wrote that users had received notice from Apple that their replacement iPod nano was shipped. A number of users checked the serial number of the nano, which showed that a model of the sixth generation was. Now it is evident that Apple is indeed the recalled models to replace iPod nanos of the current generation .

This means that customers who are first generation iPod nano have sent a device with significantly more storage space back. The first generation iPod nano comes as a been-1GB, 2GB or 4GB model. The sixth generation iPod Nano is only available in 8GB and 16GB version. Customers are therefore at least 4GB improved.

Apple customers who sent their first generation iPod Nano had initially submitted a refurbished iPod nano of the same generation ago. Probably Apple has refurbished models go through his stock, allowing the company to switch to the new iPod nanos.


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