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iPad Game Dragon Warrior fighting Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior HD

iPhone App Description

From the name of the game you can guess, this game is to commemorate the country's generation of martial arts master Bruce Lee developed, the game supports the narrative mode, challenge mode, battle mode and limit the survival battle mode games, the player will be in the game to Bruce Lee's face nine rivals as the challenge.
In the game, as the game progress and character-improvement, you will see the familiar special attacks such as kicking boxing classic Bruce Lee action, the player will gradually familiar with the game and can control their own methods of warfare. The game is the application of 3D model for martial arts, using motion capture technology development, the player anywhere in the world famous historic attractions contest, strive to become martial arts masters, cherish the memory of Bruce Lee.
Customizable Bruce Lee martial arts moves for Dragon Warrior is very easy to use. Bruce Lee in Dragon Warrior, the gameplay and control of the primary players and take full account of the needs of senior players, into high-quality picture, easy to operate, lifelike animation. The iTunes App Store in the game is the first crown to Bruce Lee's name and image of the game.

five kinds of game modes: story mode, arcade mode, time mode, Versus mode and Survival mode.
In story mode, complete guide Bruce Lee Story Chapter 5: Bruce Lee in the street fighting, training to become a kung fu master, help the weak, to participate in Tournament and fight the most dangerous enemy.
Custom tricks contest: design your own martial arts.
Use 10 unique martial arts experience four kinds of contest moves: Bruce Lee and nine opponents.
Day and night contest at five locations: Hong Kong market streets, docks, roofs, courtyards and temples contest ring.
Technical Features:
Bruce Lee martial arts philosophy and invitation of the top martial arts moves in real time to capture the martial arts action.
Nuanced facial animation and the environment, make the scene more realistic contest, hit into the effect of rendering.
Multi-angle camera control, viewing full-motion effects.
Includes custom tracks. "

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