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iPhone game Galaxy Gladiator Arena Chillingo - Etolis: Arena

iPhone App Description

You were aliens caught, thrown into the arena of galactic warriors, they fight with you as their entertainment, in both the history, not many people can survive more than one, but apparently, they underestimate you, and is far underestimated you.
This is a double-rocker Madden's shot rang out, the player will enter the arena into a small complex space, face wave after wave of enemies, as the game gradually in-depth process, you will uncover the alien invasion hidden behind.
The game supports a variety of games: Dronez (endless mode), Rockets (rocket attack mode), Hammers (target to destroy mode).
As you gradually unlock more weapons, your combat rising, while the enemy will be growing more and more fighting will continue to heat up, you can fight to the last minute it?

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