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iPhone-controlled robotbal Sphero only now available

Earlier this year we saw the first Sphero at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. After several missed deadlines for robotbal actually be delivered , the time has finally arrived. Last August we wrote that the Sphero in preorder order was. Manufacturer announces Orbotix but only now, that the motorized ball before Christmas with the customers. The Sphero to drive with your iPhone.

Inside, a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass in the right direction. The exterior of the ball made ​​of polycarbonate, resistant to shocks. The toy costs $ 129.99 and the first batch will be sent on the 22nd. The lucky ones will be in a box robotbal, induction charger, quick start guide and user manual found. In addition, five apps from the App Store and Android Market to download. There is also an SDK for people who want to make a Sphero app. The first reviews from tech sites such as The Verge are already inside. Conclusion: there are better ways to spend $ 129.99. The robotbal is very clever, but after one hour you're already tired


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