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Gasoline-Jip: look where you fill up with the cheapest iPhone

If it's true what they say about the combination of Dutch, savings and free, the new application Gasoline-Jip be a success. The app does one thing very simple. He uses your location and show you around the cheapest fuel can. By fuel type and tank once you pass into the app, that way you see exactly how many euros you save anywhere, or spend too much compared to the national price level.

Jip obtain the price data by the cardholders of Jip: Fuel and SME Travel Card. Thus the prices of the stations every day adapted. If you open the application, you can see exactly how many stations the day before their prices have changed. At time of writing has a Petrol-Jip 3264 over the Netherlands. In the same screen you see the top of the national price level. That's € 1,60,8. The biggest advantage you can get a full tank of petrol 95 Euro 50 liters today is 6 euros. But if you're not careful, you can just 6.05 euros spend too much on the same tank. These are statistics that are fun to know. Press the button 'now fill up' below and the app is practical.
Based on location data, dishes out the application you are moving a Google Maps map and nearby stations loaded and displayed as drops. The greener, the cheaper. In a dark orange gas station, you better drive a little further. Press a drop and you immediately see the benefit for each tank. Press it again and you see which station you are dealing with it. Which brand it is, the address of the petrol station, and what benefit you will achieve what the fluctuation on a full tank. Which shows the largest deviation from the benefit of seeing the past 21 days. If anything goes wrong, you can start your button with the error pass. Without name or address required: just a form submit button. Many more'll likely "Routing" button. Which opens Google Maps with the route to the gas station. And not a route, no: more! So you can directly select which one you like best. The mileage and minutes there.

Except on a map, you can close the reductions in a list. This list can organize saving and distance, always with the most favorable value first. In the tab you personally any brand of filter stations and tell it what your fuel and tank capacity. As simple and as customizable as Gasoline-Jip apps not often seen.

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