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iPhone Game free hot dungeon Hunter 3: Dungeon Hunter 3

iPhone App Description

Free + in the form of purchase, play it slowly, you can gradually unlock all items, dungeons hunter series is renowned in the iOS platform, and start from the 2nd generation, Gameloft games are also works to support the native Chinese, for involves a large number of props and equipment such attributes of the game, this player is deeply loved.
The devil once again swept Gexi Fidel sacred land. Face your fate, into the endless battle to get the victory and honor. 16 grand arena is waiting for you to conquer. Hero, you have to conquer them!
App Store on the action / role-playing game series of the benchmark return of the king, this can also be the third for free installation, and it is more legendary than its predecessor! Free to experience the legendary hunter dungeon, once again experience the fascination so many people is passionate slashing gameplay.
Epic real-time combat will bring you endless fun day! In 16 different arenas in the blaze a new trail, each arena is to provide you with four different difficulty, diminished your interest in the clearance of the difficulty to enjoy the fun. You can always choose to visit an arena once again, to enhance their best score! Or access to our daily challenge to see if can beat the highest score to win big prizes you have won.
For your progress and development of a large number of options: in-depth character customization: choice of 4 new career - God of War, Astrologers, treachery teacher, shaman. And in the "dungeon hunters", the first time, you can choose your own heroes sex. More than 1000 items waiting to unlock, if you wait, you can also buy them at the outset. You can become the most powerful hero? Each arena will be able to gain experience points to complete, each upgrade will be able to unlock new skills and wizard attacks.
Unprecedented visual appeal: the dark magic of the universe to visit four wonderful world. Gexi the temptation to stand still for you Cass! A sense of exquisite materials, advanced shaders, lighting effects and beautiful animation is extremely smooth, the screen will make full use of your equipment performance. Stunning visual effects, such as motion blur, real-time distortion, dynamic particles, so that your special attack in battle when the most intense bloom dazzling light.

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