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iOS 3.1.3 users of the system problems encountered by App Store

Not all iOS users upgrade to the latest iOS 5 , and some users have not even upgraded to iOS 5, there are many users are still using iOS 3.1.3. Today, many users reported that their iOS 3.1.3 App Store encountered in the use of a very serious problem.

  Apple updated the App Store last week after, iOS 3.1.3 users when accessing the App Store a lot of problems, such as missing images, buttons do not work, even a normal user name can not download the application from the App Store. Apple is currently no official confirmation of the problem, so the time to repair these problems is still in an unknown state.

  Affected users can still use iTunes on your computer to download the application, and synchronize to the top of their iOS devices. The first generation iPhone and iPod Touch do not support iOS 4, could only upgrade to iOS 3.1.3. So not a small number of users affected.


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