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Apple Samsung complaint for plagiarism

Yet another complaint from Apple to Samsung, because of the litigation the design of its products infringe the patent.
The legal battle between Apple and Samsung seems to never end, the first fact has denounced the South Korean company for plagiarism , but let's see exactly the issue.

Probably at that Cupertino does not want a competing product that even remotely resembles to one of their devices. In one of the hearings that are taking place in Australia, Apple's lawyers filed a complaint against the Samsung for violating 10 patents on the design. To be precise, are mentioned smartphones and the bitter enemy of the tablet.

Samsung's lawyer confirmed that it had received new complaints but has not commented publicly on that point. The insider Bloomberg suggest that there is also at stake, which covers the design of smart, pictured below, have been plagiarized in a beautiful and good.
The South Korean company has been saying that the defense production, this cover is not their official, but made by third parties without their consent.

Regardless of who is right and who's wrong, you as a consumer you are not tired of this legal battle?


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