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The iPad is used by pilots of American Airlines

This past May we had reported in the news that some of the company Alaska Airlines pilots have decided to use inside the ' aircraft or an iPad to consult the manuals of the aircraft and navigation charts.

Well, after Alaska Airlines came the turn of American Airlines : the company officials have disclosed that fact will soon be supplied to each driver as an iPad to see in a practical and quick navigation charts updated in real time, thanks to application developed ad hoc.
It is not just like technology, but it is a choice to reduce somewhat the costs of management: it was calculated that an iPad in the cockpit allows you to avoid carrying over twenty pounds of textbooks and papers of air navigation , with a fuel savings of about $ 1.2 million a year. It may seem strange that only twenty pounds serve to save so much, but we must consider the fact that American Airlines, as well as most other airlines use the same aircraft to several destinations in one day.
The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has approved the idea, after testing hundreds of hours on flights between destinations like Tokyo , Shanghai and Los Angeles.


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