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Apple wins patent for multitasking smartphone

Apple has received a patent on using apps while making a phone call. This patent relates to mobile devices with a touch screen.
When communicating by telephone, the user can use a mobile application, with the graphical interface of the mobile device adapts to the other function. This is done without the phone being disconnected, mentions the patent text . Also, an icon is displayed temporarily to switch back to the phone function.

Palm Treo, P900

This far-reaching patent in January 2008 applied for and granted yesterday. The researcher of the U.S. patent office which run on Apple's application is bent, or any research committed. He has the manuals for the Palm Treo 700w smartphone (from 2005-2006) and the Sony Ericsson P900 (2003) checklist, and cited in the patent grant.

Apple has consistently in its patent on touch control, with a finger. Cited the older smartphones from Palm and Sony Ericsson using a matching pin for the waiters of the touch screen.

iPhone iOS 4
Meanwhile penbediening thing of the past and is finger-touch the standard for mobile devices. Multitasking, and certain phone features, is also commonplace. The iPhone could not before iOS 4 multitasking with apps (except Apple's own music function) but simultaneously call an app.


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