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Apple's plans comes to TV: Apple TV, HDTV, or 3?

An article in the Wall Street Journal boosts the ever burgeoning rumors of a TV set from Apple to just re-production. The story quotes several supposedly "familiar with the matter" people with information about internal meetings, in which Apple representatives have outlined their plans in this regard.
On us the whole effect more like a cheaply produced but also enriched with the wrong parts and puzzle game. It seems that the WSJ informants simply anything that can be imagined to date with an Apple TV into a lumped and mixed: control through language, gestures or movements, automatic detection of users, wireless streaming of iOS devices, of course, and so on - the whole thing is best wrapped in HDTV with Apple logo.
Of course this sounds attractive, but we have as our doubts about this theory. Apple would aim with the right equipment at the high end market for TVs with a correspondingly small buyers and are dealing here not only with potent competitors, but also advertises to customers who most likely are not after already equipped too bad - and a TV you buy now do not even every two years.
It has Apple with the Apple TV but already one foot in the door to a much larger number of living rooms. With iTunes match the potential of the small black box is so slow significantly, as connected via HDMI to any modern TV set, you can no longer buy or rent movies, or just marvel at his photos on the Web, but also has immediate access to the Complete your own music collection. The thing with the wireless video streaming of IOS devices, we already know more.
And the development of small set-top box is far from complete. Apple pushes so regularly present new features and content via update for safety and is also in the direction of additional control options - tested - such as voice control. Instead of yelling across the room here, but we can also have an iPhone with a slightly bored out Siri's apprehension. At any rate seems to be a consistently developed Apple TV as a complement to TV or projector significantly more likely than the ominous flat-screen TV with the apple on it.


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