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iTunes Tips: TV series Mad Men and 1Password for the Mac and iOS at a reduced price, free e-books iBookstore

ITunes for the award " TV show of the week "high level is not necessarily a prerequisite, this week we endorse the recommendation, however, without reserve. The New York advertising scene in the 1960s, Mad Men, acting can be quite pure pull once. iTunes offers 13 episodes complete first season this week at a price of 11.99 €, an acceptable deal for all those who have already thrown the DVD player in the electronic products. Those who continues to focus on hardware, the DVD output is at Amazon , with close to 13 € only marginally more expensive.

The password keeper 1Password for the Mac , we have already introduced frequently, the current Christmas discount offer us, however, is another worth mentioning. The other 39.90 euros expensive program is to have temporarily for 23.99 €.
In the same breath, the corresponding IOS apps have been reduced: the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad-optimized universal app costs 6.99 €, the versions for iPhone and the iPad for € 4.99 each. (Thanks Mounia)
For all those who iBookstore with e-books from Apple, or just want to familiarize readers need replenishment are three free book recommendations: Calabria crime scene is a 200-page print holiday Crime *, By the same publisher who also wrote the critically acclaimed and also free Italy Crime The Dead of Santa Lucia , the novel Stilettoholic acts in the Viennese fashion scene and who does not know or just read again wants should be suitable to the season is the story of Christmas Eve of Charles Dickens load.
* UPDATE: The novel scene Calabria again now costs 4.99 - sorry, could not foresee that we and the fact we have no influence.
Oh, and if anyone of you makes a trip to New York soon: The E-Book Marco Polo New York City Shopping guide is currently at a special price of 0.99 euros.


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