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Tomorrow begins the time-out App Store: Sword & Sworcery, Groove Coaster Co. Real Racing and compete for the charts

Starting tomorrow rests the AppStore. To 29 December will focus, at least behind the scenes - moving eight days is not much in Apple's software store - we reported. The App Store charts freeze over the holidays, with updates and new releases is expected to return until the new year. In a message to the developer community , Apple has today again reminded of the upcoming idle time:
iTunes Connect will be temporarily shut down December 22-29 for the winter holidays. During this time, access to iTunes Connect and the delivery of apps and updates will be unavailable. You should not schedule pricing changes that would take effect during the shutdown, as these changes will not be reflected in the App Store and the app will become unavailable for purchase.
And animated so many developers to forge discounts. Currently one of the few opportunities for indie developers between the massive waves offer the AppStore top dogs from EA and Gameloft ever even noticed

Definitely worth seeing: The pixel-heavy retro adventure " Sword & Sworcery "( AppStore link ), the music game " Groove Coaster "( AppStore link ) and Part 1 ( AppStore link ) and 2 ( AppStore link ) the " Real Racing "series. Videos are below.


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