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Cut the Rope: Comic for the iPhone and iPad appeared

After the success of several Cut the Rope games and a real hug line , was to point out: a new extension. Developer ZeptoLab today announced its own comic series on. Meanwhile the first parts appeared in app form. Cut the Rope: Comic is free to download in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad, and gives you access to the first three songs and all that will follow. The first chapter is free from the app to read the remaining parts from the app, you pay € 1.59 each.

In the Cut the Rope-comic series we learn more about Om Nom, the little green monster in the game series that candy to perform. Together with some human friends, he experiences various adventures. At the moment there are three different sections within the app available. The first, "Strange Delivery Part 1" is just free to read. Want to know how the story goes, then you pay € 1.59 for each additional chapter. Although there are only three chapters in total available ZeptoLab promises soon to give more

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