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iOS devices, data flow tracking tool Consume release version 2.0

Consume is a very useful iOS application that allows iOS users for their data traffic, package, or even to track long-distance calling cards, user-friendly device, anytime, anywhere about the use of all data. Consume present in 18 countries among more than 250 network providers to support data traffic display, such as AT & T, Orange, O2, Fido, Rogers, etc.   According to foreign media reports, developer Bjango has released Consume 2.0, the new version of the main changes is the addition of synchronization between devices on iOS account iCloud functional integration. iPad users are able to enjoy them in the new version of the application interface more attractive. 2.0 Other new features include: improved search function for network operators and data flow of historical photographs, better package tracking functions.   Many users this is called "today's best iOS data tracking applications," the updated version has been added to App Store, priced at $ 2.99.


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