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drop the jar 2: Can Knockdown 2

App Description:
This is how tonight? This wonderful from Infinite Dreams sequel also free! Comfortable when playing generation, second generation has been envious of it, today actually avoid it!
iDreams is indeed the creative maker! From sailing, to pottery, is unique. Today This Can Knockdown, although is has been hit with a rotten pot theme, but after iDreams hand, that the effect may well be comparable to Zen Bound 2, the game, players control the ball with your fingers, swipe up the screen serve, with limited the ball to all the jars on the shelf to play down to win. Lighting effect is very beautiful game, the game modeling, colors are extremely delicate, and when a player pots a ball down after all, there will be slow-motion close-up, quite a force!
Game play is very refreshing, more than Paper Toss and other pseudo-3D games, it is strongly recommended to download!

App screenshot:

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