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masterpiece speed ball 2 evolution: Speedball 2 Evolution : iPhone Game

iPhone App Description

Been recommended by the famous Apple home page works, when Children's Day this year, iOS version has been limited to avoid, limit free again today, and amazing is that, Mac version is also involved in, we do not miss it!
It can be said is the next generation sports game works, players control a team that can be customized, fought all the future stadiums, and rivals in a field SpeedBall battle, the player to control the players to complete the ball, shooting, tackling, etc. operations, gravity sensor, or can choose a single joystick control.
Although it is quite nostalgic game screen, but the animation is quite smooth, a total of four stars, 28 team, 10 seasons, of course, also supports WiFi or Bluetooth multiplayer game. HD Retina and the iPad, a very straightforward game experience! Saying this game on the PSP Tinghuo it!

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