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[Playrix fine three consumers] Around the World in 80 Days: Around the World in 80 Days: The Game (Full)

App Description:
The first time in April, the limit again for free, I go to Le, the for May 27 this year, once in a "sneaky" way "limit-free" once, but today, for the integrity of the Full version finally started really the limit of free activities, we quickly "washout" it.
Around the World in 80 Days is Playrix produced a fine three elimination games, ranging from Playrix reputation in such games, really really have no need to introduce, as long as you like three consumers, it should not hesitate, immediately Download it, no this can not miss this village shop yo. And his family get up early than other games, the ratings for the concept of added clearance, clearance is no longer the sole purpose, to challenge all Samsung it!
Reader Comments By aki: super fun, the three consumer consumption in the battle!
PS: before that so-called "limit-free" when introduced in [ here ]
Note: He set up the user's home game when your input method in English, Chinese not get through to say
Note: Full version of the IAP Oolong has been resolved, the game has resumed charge, before they met under the limit of free IAP students, please uninstall and reinstall. Without re-downloading, but the best network installation.

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