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Xie: Apple abandoned Division

After the death of Steve Jobs, "Steve Jobs Biography" hot, flying all walks of life learning experience, filled with innovative tips for printing, some politicians have even called out the number of ready money, in batches to cultivate a "Jobs" to.   The noise, there is one detail was overlooked by everyone. That is huge Apple, Steve Jobs does not actually adhere to the company structure set up on the division, only a different set of functions. It is said that Apple has a lot of popular products, involving different industries and user groups, are fully qualified grouped Division. Chain from the company to see, from the operating system and product manufacturing, down to the physical and virtual Apple Store App Store, large and complex, all-inclusive, grouped logical division. Apple is no division, the idea behind what is unique? The major policy decisions, chances, and Apple's huge success they are.   The so-called division, often referred to by the enterprise products, services, objects, or involved in the establishment of an industry organization. It has a relatively independent product design, development and operation of power, is an independent accounting units, roughly a wholly owned subsidiary. The size of the domestic Internet industry companies all a little bit, basically the implementation of the division system, and some even go one step further, setting up a number of subsidiaries. Holding or parent company or head office high above group, division or subsidiary control, it is some "carrier" feeling.   Establishment of division is obvious. For specific products or services, decision-making process simplified division, powers and responsibilities Lee closely, a more rational allocation of resources, market competition is more effective, easier to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. Division of harm, the other side of the so-called benefits - Division simplifies the decision-making of this layer, the result is the company's overall decision-making process more complicated, and the cause is often difficult to coordinate between the Department; business interests with powers and responsibilities within the Ministry of close, the company's overall profit responsibility has become blurred and even conflicting; rational allocation of resources within the Division, from the company's overall look has become full of small but complete, repeat the configuration of resources, reducing the efficiency of resource use; Division independent accounting, the Company as a whole was diluted, was "kidnapped".   Division set up a company, depending on their business products or services an organic link between the existence of its inherent tightness. If a company while doing the Internet, while doing real estate or restaurant, divided into division or subsidiary should be, but if a company only the Internet, is that different areas related to network services, such as news portals, e-commerce, online games , mobile services and search services, then what department or division system using the system completely depends on the industry's decision makers understand the depth and leadership skills, as well as the corporate mission and purpose of the definition of the individual.   Jobs always provide users with a powerful, simple, good products and services, and Apple as their historical mission, which "simplify and integrate" is Apple's innovation in the concept. If the last user to use five different products, 50 different steps, in order to enjoy Apple's five different services, the ability to use a product, 10 steps can allow users to achieve the same purpose, which itself is a great innovation. Simplify the company's organizational structure, in close communication and coordination, as Apple's basic organizational principles of the organizational system supports Apple reached a high today. In the multi-terminal, platform and cloud computing become the industry trends of today, many Internet companies think about Apple's non-division mechanism is good for the organization.   Mechanism in the history of the development organization, formed a division of corporate functions and business unit of product into the system two schools. The division of functions is too strong it will weaken the product development, product is too strong will reduce the efficiency of the functions. Popular so-called matrix management, and can not eliminate the functions of the department and the conflict between the natural products sector relationship, a considerable number of cases, but there will be two do not rely on the situation. Apple has been able to have a number of strong products in the case of a sectoral system, or that its system in the department has been able to develop a number of cases, a strong product, simply because it has a powerful, visionary, very inspiring force leader. He is the hub of business and product development of the original driving force, the system enables departments weaknesses.   With the "Steve Jobs Biography" of the original words: "Apple's Steve Jobs did not split into multiple autonomous branches, he closely controls all of the team, and encourage them to unite and flexible as a whole to work together, Only one company-wide profit and loss bottom line. Tim Cook said: 'We have no independent accounting of the financial division, company-wide uniform accounting.' "Steve Jobs is the genius of opportunity which can not, many things can not follow. However, not to engage in business unit, and perhaps some Internet companies have learned the trick from one of Apple.


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