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Free Fast and the Furious 5: Fast & Furious 5 Official Game for iPad

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Last Update: Sure enough, the iPad Version of the Error Correction value, and should be the same as the iPhone Version is $ 0.99 freezing Point, and not limit free. Received within an hour in this "limit-free" friends Cheer it! Long live the love of Apps, AppPusher Long live!
Previous forecast: At present, the iPhone is price change from $ 4.99 to $ 0.99, there are three possibilities: 1. IPad version of the error correction value of; 2. IPhone version of the error correction value of; 3. IPad version of the limited free, iPhone Version of Promotions. In any case, iPad Version before We accept it, or Speed.
Five shiny Fast Back, Speed ​​is everything! Everything is ready, just Waiting for you to Join! Plays Brian O'Connor, Standing opposite the law to form a Team of top drivers of the Elite Team. Driving your Dream Car Racing Game in this high-risk warfare with opponents, following the film storyline, experience a different life.
The official, as the movie version of the game, details see text
- Rio de Janeiro Biao over, Dominica, Hong Kong and other cities of the track, Luke Hobbs Keen to Get RID of the federal Special police Tracking!
- Feelings of well-known from the Film in the Car Fun to drive, including the latest Dodge Challenger 2011 Dodge Charger 2011 and
The most Amazing Racing experience:
- Experience Incredible time rewind function, in Difficult Corners and crash, Get the opportunity to Start over.
- The devastating events in the Game: some elements of the Scene will Collapse or explosion, the resulting track changes and the emergence of new obstacles!
- Smooth Animations, giving you a lifetime of practical experience, even among the true Advance in High-Speed, Real-time Image of the Roadside will be displayed in your Car.
Dominate the Underground Street Racing order
- intense Multiplayer mode: participate in action together with friends or Online Game, up to 10 players!
- The use of modified package fully Customize your Car, it's Performance even more Powerful!
- From the Drift race to Survival mode, high-speed driving experience endless pleasure.

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