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Pod 2g jailbreak iPhone 4S initial attempt failed

Last update Pod 2g jailbreak progress blog has been a few days before the thing, then he expressed his gratitude to the donor, because of their help, Pod 2g may have only enough money to buy iPhone 4S/iPad, and to begin as soon as the high degree of concern of these two devices escaped development. So during this time which, Pod 2g are busy to?   iPhone 4S users can see now that this is the message I'm afraid some little disappointed, because Pod 2g in today's blog update says, due to problems encountered in chip cache, an initial attempt to iPhone 4S perfect escape failed. He also said, "from very close to success, but do not know how to cross the threshold which is estimated to be Apple's Cortex-A9 architecture on the chip moving fooled."   But Pod 2g subsequently expressed his confidence get iPhone 4S escape , he claimed that "I will soon come up with solutions, this is only a matter of time." Although the iPhone 4S Pod 2g jailbreak Consequently, he promised to continue iPhone 4S tomorrow will bring new progress, please continue to care for our real-time information given, and no amount of patience waiting for his good news.


{ ricedunn } at: 26 December 2011 at 09:54 said...

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