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blueprint: Blueprint 3D : iPhone and iPad Game

App Description:
Pay Software Testing! Not limit free! Please note that prices before Downloading!
FDG latest Masterpiece, it has produced over Beyond Ynth (Link) and Cover Orange and other Fine games.
Comments will be in Love before seen on Aigner Evaluation Blueprint 3D, and just about Blueprint 3D shelves soon. Have to say, he recommended the Blueprint 3D and Aquaria are a Rare Quality Game.
Blueprint 3D may not be paid on the United States District Game Top 10, but its Quality is there, no Increase unabated. For example, some time ago ranked the top US District Amazing Breaker (Link) , under the likes of you, there will always be shining gold:)

Content and games are played:
Blueprint is Essentially a 3D Jigsaw puzzle, and something Different, it All of the fragments are in three-dimensional Distributed space, you need to turn to the right Angle, the line will be mapped All of the pieces in the same plane, to outline a complete lines of fine mechanical drawing.
Rotating 3D gameplay is the Blueprint, spin down, spin around until it makes up ... ... Mechanical Drawing. First Step, Easy to unfamiliar, are started slow type. May have started to Play when not used to - who did not played fragmented complex, but still do not know the original image looks like the pit father puzzle, but a closer played four off tutorial, already master the techniques: first flip the plane is nothing more than a, then move around a little stitching lines, Graphics, the contours of the moment Outline Show. At the same time, the author also left the Cozy little Detail: When spell Graphic direction is not correct, there will be Top of the prompt that tells you how to move to the right direction and does not undermine the integrity of graphics:)
Calm, indifferent, sharp, consonance, in fact, enjoy the Blueprint 3D only way to bring the fun of casual games.
Mode and other :
is the public preference for the Game to go All the Samsung line level package, it will continue to Update the number of Points to meet the players needs.
The latest update, two new models as Advanced and Pro, so the game has witnessed dramatic changes in the enhanced difficulty, Blueprint 3D playability compared with the previously described mud of the other cloud.
Normal mode, the Game started, the difficulty will Rapidly reduce the linear-shaped, 5 seconds to complete a puzzle Simple Easy, free customs Clearance, free full Samsung, there is no pressure. Simple compared to, in fact, All normal mode difficulty level only and Samsung Cut the Rope all Samsung clearance is similar.
So Blueprint 3D broke out in December to launch Chen, Pro mode to Play a STEP further, the Original is just a cumbersome Layer of fragmented lines are divided into two Layers. Complete Graph is relatively Complicated, but 10 seconds of Samsung's conditions have not Easily reached.
To some extent, select Pro mode makes the game a certain level, the existence of a physical and psychological abuse, you can clearance is not easy, like almost all Samsung myth.
Images and Music
Blueprint 3D Images is a Standard Engineering Drawings, each level package (also OH Drawing style:)) corresponds with a Matching style Drawings. Exquisite Drawings, style vastly Different, enough to make people feel Different because shines, Fresh flavor.
The music is there with a bag with level, playing a different level packages, music differ - but the piano is the main color, a distinctive sense of rhythm, the overall feeling dull and soothing.
Perhaps in order to make a pleasant atmosphere of the game could bring a little under a slightly different feel it, drawing and music always point to the last appropriate changes in benefits.
that extremely Eccentric, such as Blueprint 3D both a Fun and practical, Music and Images the same Color; Outline Simple lines showing the range of children Polytechnic atmosphere, Exquisite Drawings highlights the rigorous literary Taste of the TONE; contains Elegant and Simple, Simple reality was fantasy, fantasy, its fine sounding name, the App Store seek see it as a rare good game.
The shoes have the Game, you CAN stop and good Fun to try next. But not yet Purchased the shoes, I think, Blueprint 3D may be your Best Choice for New Year one of the Christmas season, the price is just $ 6, enJoy the game brings the fun of it!

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