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Be, Inc.: Steve Jobs return to Apple's biggest obstacle to the year

"He is my life people have seen the most invincible and he has that can tear your chest, stabbed in the finger strength of your body." Steve Jobs has commented so Luyijiasai. There is a saying that goes: "to see the depth of a person to see his choice of friends, to see the charm of a person to see his choice of love, and to see a person's ability will depend on his choice of opponents." Jiase has Steve Jobs is a business partner, who is also a powerful career opponents.

French men wearing diamond stud earrings

Jiasai French, a former general manager of Apple France region. Under his leadership, Apple France's annual profits, which by the favor of Apple's headquarters. The fall of 1984, the Macintosh computer sales boom after the first round of the Apple Macintosh computer that can be applied to the headquarters of the software is small, but do nothing, because at this time Apple has always been inward. Far away in Europe Jiase have long found the problem. He sent an employee to carry tens of thousands of dollars rushed to New York, USA, purchasing a large number of Mac applications that can be used to return France to the software distribution to dealers. Jiase would rather "will be out, Jun Ming has not" in style, but works well. Mac sales thriving region of France. In February 1985, Apple has turned Jiase transferred headquarters to prepare an important appointment. At that time, Steve Jobs Macintosh project turn around all the practice, making the other project team members are very jealous of him. They often use the car key scratch Jobs. Jobs had the car parked in front of a building dedicated to preparing disabled parking spaces. The media tells a story: On this day, France had just transferred to Apple's headquarters office park the car near Jiasai entrance into office, Jobs roaring silver Big Ben stopped at the disability-specific parking spaces. When Steve Jobs arrogantly walked from his side, Jiase blurted out: "wow, I really did not think that the disabled parking spaces are also prepared for the spiritual." Jiase like to wear a black leather jacket, wearing a diamond stud earrings on the ears. His uninhibited style of acting somewhat like Steve Jobs. Jobs once considered the Jiasai friends, he planned on Apple CEO Schooley's "coup" plan, the Jiase as confidant, and told him the plan. However Jiasai plans do not agree with Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs and he also attempts to tell the Schooley. Years Houjia Sai admits is the "whistleblower", but he hinted that they are not the only disclose Steve Jobs program, and many people are aware of the plan, only those who dare not openly hostile with Steve Jobs. Jobs plot abortion, Schooley reward, Jiase was appointed for the Macintosh project team leader, received the daughter of Steve Jobs loved the results. Jobs left Apple, he worked away five technicians ready to set up NeXT company. At first Scully disagree, but also once wanted to invest in Apple's NeXT, but Jiasai move on Apple's Steve Jobs that great harm, he took over the Macintosh project team meeting and his allies lashed Jobs of those "conspiracy." In Jiasai under the influence of Steve Jobs Apple's board of directors and the conflict intensified dramatically. As Gu says: "by a friend into an enemy is the worst, because they know you so." September 17, 1985, Steve Jobs of Apple to create their own company to submit his resignation. He mentioned in his resignation, he wants the company to spread Apple calm voice, the people of his Apple will use Apple technology to create his new company's concern is unfounded. Subsequently, Apple sued Steve Jobs. This makes Steve Jobs painful, he said the other in public he described as "a thief", which he had to make back. The irony is that later Jiase also left Apple and founded NeXT and Steve Jobs a business similar companies. "Pirated" Jobs Jobs gone, Scully and Jiase cooperation initially very happy. Perhaps the early years of Steve Jobs put this "change to change to" no concept of time characteristics of the project spread to the Jiase, or who have always been the way people. Scully soon discover Jiase temperament is almost a replica of Steve Jobs, the perfect desire of many projects changes in Jiasai under frequent postponed. When Scully criticism Jiasai, the two sides had a heated conflict, which is much like Steve Jobs left Apple before the story repeating itself. For Scully it, and Steve Jobs compared Jiase is a lightweight opponent. Scully paid $ 1.7 million in termination indemnities to Jiasai leave from Apple. Before leaving Apple in Jiasai, there were a number of Apple employees dressed in Jiase like to wear the kind of black leather jacket, head Dai Beilei cap. They gathered in front of Apple's headquarters on the lawn, petition to Apple executives, want to leave Jiase, but this does not help. In 1991, Jia Se holding compensation, and he received a venture capital, led a group founded Be, Inc. Apple employees. This is much like Steve Jobs away from Apple in 1986 to create a number of key NeXT company. Not only these similarities, Be like Steve Jobs turned the company initially as the NeXT introduced a PC, with a proprietary operating system, Be OS sales. But this is 1995, the hardware market is highly competitive. Some analysts questioned Jiase's Be like Steve Jobs's NeXT company will make the same mistakes as: advanced hardware and operating system are not accepted by the market. Jiase on the "Red Herring" magazine correspondent, said: "For God's sake, Do not take us compared with NeXT, we provide developers with better tools, rather than on taste." Ironic way, he Jobs, NeXT's a high price strategy. But guess what? Be the NeXT company repeat the mistakes, poor hardware sales, but the Be operating system the company was valued by some customers. Steve Jobs's NeXT also had time to focus from hardware to the operating system. Be Jiasai subsequently to adjust the company's direction to the software, but still no improvement in company operations. Be there a meaning in English is "existence." Silicon Valley was once a popular ridicule Be's words: "Be there." But the Be operating system technologies are unique in 1996 Jiase want to sell their Apple operating system. Apple's operating system was Microsoft Windows learning model, why graphical operating system in 1996 opened the first of its kind outside of Apple has purchased from the new operating system?


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