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Ninja Fishing: Ninja Fishing

App Description:
This is a very cute and fun casual game, the game will be fishing with a very creative play integrated into the two earnest together, very interesting.
In the game, the player first to hook into the deep, and then you start Shoulong fishing line, hook all the way to recovery on the way children can be the size of fish, this time, your action is to tilt the screen left and right hooks to control the position of children, ensure that as much as possible to catch more fish.
However, the game was only half of it to this, these are your hook in the water after fish, the sky will be left behind, so there the next play you, because you are a ninja thing, you need to draw a samurai sword, in the air exercises broadsword, Qieqie Qie, the embodiment of fruit ninja. . .
Is not very interesting?

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