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Spider dinosaur party screen: Velocispider : iPhone Game App

iPhone App Description

Gameplay a bit like a retro era of small bees, but with a lot of changes. Alien invasion began, the players move around by gravity to control the shape of armored dinosaurs, spiders attack the enemy withstand wave after wave of attack! The enemy is no longer floating in the air innocently trampled upon, in addition to moving to avoid, it will also counter Oh, feel the wind this era of micro-pixel barrage effect of it. After shooting down the enemy may be various random rewards, such as weapons addition to enhance or scores, etc., must also be noted that some BOSS class enemy will suddenly dash to the ground, do not be caught with it! For those trying to abducted UFO eggs, priorities, do not let them succeed, or will affect the points score.
Note: Zero is a game and another demo, today's version is limited to free full version, which the IAP is a one-time unlock all levels, can be ignored, by-related challenges can be!

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