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iOS devices used to control the movement of the ball

Orbotix Sphero is a ball game with iOS / Adroid equipment to control the toy. The toy sells for $ 130, has begun shipping. It is built Blox, Chromo, Draw 'N Drive, Drive, Golf and SpheroCam applications.
Through a series of iOS applications, users can control the ball's color and movement. Users can control the on-screen virtual desktops to directly control the movement of the ball. Built-in camera and take pictures that can be used SpheroCam application, record video. However, if the arbitrary control of this if you want the ball may have to take some time.
Orbotix has its own development projects, able to Sphero for more updates and improvements, and on Tuesday they plan to put the product developers website. Hands on the ball to a friend quickly to start it!


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