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really fun rocket backpack: Jetpack Joyride

App Description:
Le me go, this stock a free. Jetpack Joyride is the Fruit Ninja (ninja fruit) produced a developer Halfbrick pixels wind alternative Parkour game, gameplay is very strong, the absolute king of WC (Well, Xiaobian most like to play in the WC it)
Description of the game, our hero broke into a research base, stole their latest research results: a rocket backpack and unambiguous direct wear on the start at running! Background of changing the game, jump between the various laboratories, the laboratory personnel bunch Baotoushucuan very funny, of course, you can have a real threat to the main bar and a variety of combustion of the laser beam, attention to escape Oh, the other games also the "horse" concept, from the motor to the dragon has its own special ability, very interesting.
Most interesting part to the number of lottery games, in the course of the game, you can get lottery "coins" to the Game Over when you can draw, there are several "coins" can be pumping a few times, there may have Awards : letter Chun situ resurrection, your body can blow the various bombs N m, or starting the next game lead, double gold, or "cash" gold awards, etc., times and there really is pleasantly surprised. Game gold you can upgrade your horse or buy a variety of clothing, then again, playability is very strong!
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