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NYT: Apple can be worn in the study of computers in the hands of the Siri

According to "The New York Times" reported that Apple has started a new small study can be worn on the arm of the device, the user can control these devices by Siri, or used to enter information to other devices, such as the iPhone.   According to reports, one of Apple's R & D prototype is a "curved glass iPod, you can wear it to wear around the wrist." Users can interact and of such equipment, as in the iPhone 4S and Siri on the same interaction.   Apple's also an experimental concept is about a small, wearable devices, such equipment can be used to enter information on other more powerful devices, such as the iPhone. These accessories can also be other devices (such as iPod) wireless display information.   According to sources, Apple's interest for the device can be worn by some employees within the company stirred. Company may have developed some prototype wearable devices.   In addition, Google is also investigating wearable computers, it can be connected and Android smartphones. Reported that the smart phone is the "initial prototype wearable computer", all the information it will eventually become the "center", "will be sent to the network access path and other equipment worn on clothes."   Of course, Apple has given us many years ago with to a wearable iPod, iPod shuffle and iPod nano comes with a clip, the user can use the clip to clip them clothes. If users have the right accessories can also be worn as the iPod nano like a watch in hand.


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