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Apple to become the number one U.S. manufacturer of smart phones

Before 2007, the U.S. smart phone market as well as RIM and Palm have been one of the few third-party run WM phone system manufacturers in the world, but after a lapse of nearly four years, everything has changed, really confirms the old saying in China, 30 years 30 years east west. According to market research firm Nielsen recently published a report into the United States replaced the RIM to become the largest U.S. manufacturer of smart phones, which studies have shown that, iphone in the smart phone market share reached 28.6%, although this data base is sufficient to reflect how powerful iphone. Of course, believe it or not, RIM's Blackberry series phones is still very popular mobile phone the American people, to maintain the current 17% market share, HTC is currently ranked third, while Motorola and Samsung accounted for only 10% of the position.


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