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Apple released the iPhone 4S Christmas themed ads: Santa

December 25 has become increasingly close, Christmas, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and other Christmas-themed words, will the next period of time frequently appear in people's vision of them. Christmas is approaching, it is also the end of the year when access to the major businesses will be in addition to the Christmas shopping spree to carry out various activities, product discounts, will showcase its next products to consumers all kinds of advertising.   As a worldwide has more than 300 retailers, retail stores, Apple's advertising for the value of Christmas no doubt. Today, Apple released a new round of iPhone 4S advertising, background selection Christmas 2011, still is the main iPhone 4S unique personal voice assistant Siri.   In the name Santa (ie Santa Claus) in which the new ad, we can see the Santa Claus by Siri, a series of queries. Goes on to distribute Christmas gifts such as home address, some U.S. cities such as Santa Fe, Cleveland's weather conditions. Humor is Santa Claus in the "delivery" process of sending out his wife received a Christmas message: "When work too hard to eat cookies." Finally, Santa asked Siri his notebook which left many families need delivery of Christmas gifts, the answer is people can not help laughing, "3.7 billion."   Finally, let us together to enjoy this one is still 30 seconds long, is still full of warmth and Christmas greetings to the iPhone 4S adding new ad it:


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