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iPhone Game Fruit monkey special limit

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Ourgame produced! More familiar names. .
Fruit naughty monkey back! Emission target ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ all in! This is is a fun challenge the minds of intellectual skills and casual games. Naughty cute monkey wants to keep all the fruit, then their brains with it, the use of limited props win it! Clever way and steps is the ultimate test of intelligence! Samsung hit full in the harvest assessment is the strength of the evidence!
New autumn theme scene, dozens of interesting and challenging new levels, happy once again struck!
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Skull Bomb will destroy all the surrounding 8 grid props; rebound mushrooms can create incredible curves; wearing a helmet of chestnut will prevent common attacks; accidentally hit the ice will be frozen all the props around you come to naught. Finally there is a powerful rocket to penetrate all obstacles ... ... comparable to the quality of the game angry bird will let you feel the endless joy!
Touch the screen to confirm the direction of rock launch, watch out not to lay the strength of the UFO Oh! Grasp the key point in time, let go, let fly the stone lay a rewarding experience for all of the fruit it!
Bingo! All in!
- Support for high-resolution display and experience the very fine picture of the game!
- Carefree cartoon style, easy to bring your funny experience!
- A combination of high and low difficulty level design, suitable for all ages!
- Collect star rating on a higher difficulty level is designed to provide clearance challenging experience!
- IPhone, iPod touch, iPad general, a download, unlimited Play!
More exciting game content will continue to add the upgrade version, so stay tuned!

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