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rhythm roller coaster promotion: Groove Coaster - one of the best music game : iPhone

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Words, today small to see the ice, and so excited to go to download, can be just bought and suddenly then I thought, Oh, if there is activity to send the code how to do? May have just finally pit father in today's WiFi to download the game down under, playing only three innings, small series shouted, this is definitely a value buy! No matter how small series issued code will not affect the decision!
Groove Coaster is another auxiliary Ishida gift boutique music game masterpiece, the same below with a type of Space Invaders: Space Invader in 2009, but gains a number of awards at home and abroad, and today can be said that this Groove Coaster space invasion by the sequel, and even that has gone beyond the game before, and more exciting, more perfect gaming experience!
Rhythm music game a lot, but this does have its unique. Game mode of operation is very simple, follow the music's rhythm, there is a cursor on a curve continues to advance the cursor when the cursor coincides with the line, you click on the screen, long press, or draw around it. In this connection, it seems, and the rest of the music game is no different.
But you are wrong! And other rhythm games biggest difference is that you will actually play the beat, but manifested as sound. In other words, the general pace of the game, even if you play bad again, music will still proceed successfully in the Groove Coaster, you are a member of the band, but your performance directly affects the entire song. The Groove Coaster is this point to an extreme, the game has a lot of hidden rhythms point, we did not stick to the game you are given the beat, as long as you are under the music, even in the absence of cursor where, as long as appropriate tempo, rhythm play, there will be additional incentives! This can really play to the extreme to entertain it!
First-class gameplay, the very fluid motion, 3D effects continued conversion perspective, there have been continuous with the beat of brilliant sparks burst out, really is a true roller coaster, to stimulate the smooth, soul-stirring! The most critical game of music, the band also produced by the studio, from Rock, to electronics, to Pop, people fell in love with the strong rhythm of the game!
Game, whether it is from the creative, or to detail, full of surprises, you will be able to appreciate what the game is called Hearty! Addition to the shelves in July sales, this is the first time the freezing point, anyway, to start a small series already! You think?
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