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exterminate those birds: Shoot The Birds

App Description:
After a lapse of two months, again limited free! From Infinite Dreams, in addition to their most famous Let's create! Pottery , received prior to the jelly-free outside the limited series, we have recently been shopping for his new home: jelly Defense: Jelly Defense
Although the birds will be angry, but since the cross-bow in your hands, naturally you have the final say.
Hunting season has begun, it is time to let the birds pay for their actions to, so many years, we of the car, the house everywhere we are leaving these nasty birds strange things, or you just because the bird flu, the chirping sound of early morning before going to retaliate? Just how do you think, in short, are you a chance to bring your crossbow, the variety of birds in flight shot down all the birds will be more and more and more crazy, That's good, you will have the opportunity to win the top ranking position.
Beautiful pictures, interesting sound, unique games, crazy killing, extreme addictive, do not miss it.
qiqiji: playing a morning, a very fun game, picture, music is very commendable, especially the bird fat birds, facial expressions so funny. And Tiny Wings similar, complete the appropriate requirements of the base points will be doubled.
In addition, some readers have expressed a banner, but Xiaobian iPhone 4, iPad 2 measured did not find, is suspected of being in China does not display the iAd, trouble seeing ads about the feedback of friends and geographical models, thank you !

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