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Apple Web standards organization to submit this will prevent invalid patents networks

W3C Internet standards body set up last year "Web Event Working Group", the group is content to an interactive touch-screen device to create a network of new standards. This standard is known as the W3C standard touch events. Now, according to Opera browser developers Haavard broke the news, Apple provided to the W3C patent is invalid and not related to the patent, Apple is done to delay the standards process.   Generally speaking, W3C and the new standard requires companies to submit the relevant patents, but Apple did not intentionally submit four related patents. It is clear that Apple wants to correct at the last minute to submit a patent, which will enable the development of new standards there was a great degree of latency, because the working group must submit each of the Apple patent investigation. In order to delay the development of standards, long before Apple pulled out of touch event specification group.   Haavard said Apple in 2009 and 2010 have the same behavior, and ultimately lead to the updated standards related components are delayed. According AfterDawn sites reported that Apple filed three patents in the two are non-essential patents, there is neither a necessary nor relevant. Apple is still not clear motivation to postpone standards, but this will make Apple patent filed W3C touch events delayed the development of standards for several months.   Apple iOS devices on the mobile version of Safari support for touch events well, Apple do not want their own technology as standard, so the delay is in line with Apple's standard-setting style.


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