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WSJ: Apple Apple TV gives vague development plans

 "Wall Street Journal" recently reported that Apple has a number of large companies and media executives meet to discuss the future of television on their plans. It is reported that Apple's senior vice president Eddy Cue has outlined how mobile phones, flat panel and television industries using Apple technology. But the overall concept is still vague. Apple executives have already discussed a number of possible scenarios, but they still did not give a detailed plan.   Of course, Apple also made ​​use of sound and movement control program.   "In many meetings, Apple has described a method for the future of TV technology, this technology on the user's response to sound and movement. Relative to other ideas, such technology may take on more R & D time, but Apple's implied use of such technology or allow users to search for audio / change the channel. "   In addition, Apple TV will seem unlimited streaming plan to discuss. This streaming technology allows users unlimited access to TV shows and movies. Use Apple's AirPlay, users can iPhone / iPad to control the TV, so perhaps the user can not use set-top box. Another source said Apple has been to study how the DVD storage technology to iCloud being integrated into future TV.   However, on the Apple TV will be broadcast on what the specific problem to be resolved. Although Apple has considered the direct authority of the content to create the possibility of pay-TV service, but there is no news on Apple signed a cooperation agreement with the content providers to the news. According to the news that Steve Jobs himself in 2010, also involved in these discussions.   Apple's secrecy has been watertight. Prior to Apple's competitors have also had the television industry as Apple is about to enter a message ill at ease, have been actively fight news.


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