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Electrical: Electro Chuck Christmas Season : iPhone Game

iPhone App Description:

Parkour game that we be seen a lot, seen on the road running, have seen water travel, seen flying through the sky, but the set of wires is the first time really see it ~
This is a skill on the wire adventure game. Game, you have to tilt the same as holding a steering wheel of your phone, so Chuck, an orange ring (fish?), As little as possible access to the wires, and finally reach the end successfully. In the game screen by clicking the back, making Chuck bigger, so skip the enemy, or collect coins. If Chuck has been able to ensure the wires in the center, but also get additional incentives.
The game is very easy to use, but do not want to play good but it is very easy, always too easy, it was electric was very miserable, and the game world now consists of several components, each of the world there are ten small clearance, if collection Let the current world of 30 stars, you can unlock insane mode, we can say the game is still very rich in content, the author promises will update the points in the next Oh!
All in all, the game so interesting, we do not miss

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