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arrogance Eagle's Reloaded: Sky Force Reloaded

App Description:
Infinite Dreams Shane wanted to do at home, said the outbreak.
This is a veteran of the air combat game, the last nearly two years ago are limited free fix.
However, a veteran of another synonym is outdated, the game is the last update two years ago, and look at this classic masterpiece's sake, we put up like, ha ha.
Version of the game is a classic vertical shot, beautiful 3D scene, a large number of interactive units, you need to drive your fighter, into the sky, the gorgeous gun barrage under the forest to survive and fight back, feel the atmosphere of war returning to .
Game from the developers Infinite Dreams, I believe a friend familiar with the developers agree it is definitely the strength of their art, in addition to beautifully detailed images of the scene, the game also supports the rain, clouds, wind and other dynamic weather effects oh.

App screenshot:

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