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Easily send large files iOS assistant applications

It is not only iOS users, other mobile phone platforms Notes has always been the capacity to send large or bulk files headache. Kicksend appearance to address the iOS users the trouble on this issue. The application can either make it easier to send large files, but also to send a bundle of these documents, saving time. Kicksend main features are: - by iPhone, directly to the large-capacity high-definition picture / video to send to other people tied hands. - When you select "Open in Kicksend" option, you can use other applications more easily transmit these large files, share achieved through the iPhone. - Any file you send will be immediately displayed on the recipient's computer / phone. - Other people send you files directly through the iPhone to receive. - In PDF, doc, pictures, video and other files for private browsing, sending and comments.   Currently Kicksend has been officially added to App Store, available for free download


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