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[Playrix] Christmas at home you know aquariums: Fishdom: Christmas Splash HD (Premium)

App Description:
Fishdom, Fishdom H2O, Fishdom: Spooky Splash, Fishdom: Harvest Splash, Fishdom: Christmas Splash, I understand, Playrix Fishdom home is ready to be dead. . .
What you know? His family name is the full version with Premium Yes, but limited free today after tomorrow will be added IAP into a "demo" to limit end-free will be canceled.
To ensure the full version, just downloaded today, and today installed the first time into the game to ensure the network, the main interface, there is no Buy or Upgrade button is the full version of the.
Note: If not, try an alternate method: Remove the reinstall, turn airplane mode, disconnected from the network and then enter the game. If the two methods will not work, the only other game to restore the original price after the abolition of IAP, then remove the heavy equipment is necessarily the full version.

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