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iPhone 4S new ad accidentally leaked the information of its employees

Perhaps we have seen today, Apple released the iPhone 4S new Christmas themed ads, but has anyone noticed a scene: Santa Claus last Christmas Eve at the Siri check how much work remaining after the task, Siri in the given "37 million" Meanwhile, iPhone 4S screen those four names?   As shown, these four names are Whitney Kollar, Mark Sloan, Paula Cristalli, and David Young. They were not randomly selected from the Siri database, but the Apple market sales marketing agency TBWA / Media Arts Lab staff.   The discovery by a careful network called "HeresToTheCrazyOnes" friends exposed to the media, he / she can confirm that the ad claimed that the four names appear true identity - is above the marketing agency staff . You may ask, which can represent what?   Apple has always been known for good security measures, under the marketing agency for its information is too airtight protection, without leaving any point you can use the space to competitors. But Christmas approached, the loss of confidentiality is used in a rigorous, or Apple intentionally disclose the information?   Currently Apple has not made ​​any comments for that matter


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