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Samsung Electronics on four patents in Deti Apple lawsuit

Samsung on Monday said they had filed against Apple in Germany, a new lawsuit alleging that Apple infringed four of its patents.   Samsung on December 16, submitted to the District Court in Mannheim, Germany, a lawsuit alleging that Apple infringed four of its patents, including patents related to technology Samsung Telecommunications Standard and user interface.   Samsung and Apple's patent litigation throughout the world, has reached dozens. Since both sides hope that intelligent machines and tablet PC sales gain dominance of the field of mobile computing, so the further escalation of the patent battle. Apple first sued Samsung in April this year, that the latter product design and trademark infringement. Samsung then filed a counterclaim, but its focus on technology patent counterclaim, rather than design.   Two weeks ago, the U.S. Federal District Court in San Jose, California rejected Apple to ban the sale of three Samsung smartphone in the United States and a Tablet PC application. Apple Samsung products that directly copying its iPhone, iPad design. Samsung is also in the proceedings so far on the road to clear the biggest obstacle.


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